Meet the New Team

Team MoonToken is a group of MoonToken Community Members who bring their experience, knowledge, skills, talents and dedication to the MoonToken Project. The MoonToken Community is rich in dedicated investors, supporters and builders we invite you to Join our team.

Project Lead - Stacy Ho

Stacy is a business coach and an investment consultant for Virtual Assets.

Through experience in industries such as: FCMG, Education, E-commerce solutions, Digital Payments, Stacy knows what it takes to bring businesses through their different growth stages.

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Technology Advisor - Bernard Lee

Bernard Lee, serial entrepreneur, patent referenced by IBM, HP, Microsoft, CA, EMC and Oracle, software used by majority of global fast food chains, NASA and Spanish Navy. Bernard also brought WeChat Pay to Macau and Hong Kong in 2017

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Head of Marketing - Emmanuel Aidoo

Emmanuel is a Blockchain Entrepreneur and a marketer by profession. Emmanuel believes in the power of team work and that together as a community we will harness the benefit and synergy of our strong community and capable team.

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Head of Community Engagement - Mark de Joode

Mark is a people person. He joined MoonToken as an early investor and is dedicated to fostering a creative, cohesive and collaborative environment in our MoonToken Community. Mark is responsible for creating and managing the online voice of MoonToken to build brand awareness within the MoonToken Community.

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Software Developer - Esko Cruz

Software Developer with extensive experience developing and supporting next-generation web solutions for clients such as Verizon, AT&T Mobile, Qualcomm, and Yahoo Fantasy Sports. Comfortable working with a variety of Framework libraries. Proficient in an assortment of technologies.

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Graphic Designer -  Raymond Edvardsen

Raymond has previously had design assignments for other crypto projects and specializes in info and advertising brochures and posters. Ray's biggest focus is video production and video editing.

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