Replay: MoonToken Academy Live: Walkthrough of Smart Contracts

Hey MoonToken Fam!

We are soooo incredibly passionate about empowering our community with KNOWLEDGE.

Knowledge is Empowering! :)

In this class of MoonToken Academy Live (our LIVE inaugural class), we invited our DEV team consisting of Esko, Bernard and Ram. Here are our timestamps:

05:00 - Panel Introduction

06:06 - Bernard starts his presentation

07:00 - Explanation of Bitcoin Genesis Block

10:00 - Comparison between Bitcoin Genesis Block and Ethereum Genesis Block

12:00 - Explanation of Bitcoin Complexity/Mining Difficulty 

12:42 - Understanding a Bitcoin Block (Bernard goes through the components of a Bitcoin Block)

18:20 - Merkle Trees (as explained by Daniel Finlay, Lead Developer of MetaMask)

21:00 - Comparison between a Bitcoin Block and a Ethereum Block

27:00 - Slide Explaining Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake 

27:15 - Conflicts: Consensus and Orphans and Uncles + very cool Ethviewer 

32:00 - Gas Fees 

33:00 - Explanation of Ethereum Virtual Machine

36:30 - Explanation of Smart Contracts

43:54 - Walkthrough of MoonToken Smart Contract

56:32 - Uniswap vs Pancakeswap

57:00 - Areas in MoonToken Smart Contract that are unique to MoonToken (Transfer Function: Swap and Liquify,  Fees, Liquidity and Tax, Rewards)

59:00 - Bernard Concludes Presentation

59:00 - Cyber Security Questions for Bernard - how are crypto wallets compromised?  + Recommendations on how to protect from wallet hacks by Andrew and Bernard

1:02:00 - Esko expands on the discussion of MoonToken contract. Explains the  transfer of Ownership from Developer to Zero Address.

1:05:04 - Question: Do we have to worry about the security of the MoonToken Contract? and vulnerability to hacks (Answer: No. No worry.)

1:06:00 - Question: Is Team MoonToken exploring the possibility of making MoonToken stakeable?

1:06:35 - Question: Can you tell us the potential of that the actual code of the MoonToken contract now, or is it limited? How much work is it to change it to another one?

1:10:00 - Question: Can MoonToken's Liquidity Pool be hacked?

1:11:30 - Question: Are there any vehicles in the works to speed up the burn? or will there be votes on the burns?

1:13:00 - MoonToken is a Deflationary Token

1:15:00 - Question: Is it possible for MoonToken to get on any exchanges with the contract we have now?

1:19:00 - Question: Can you explain the differences between the MoonToken contract and the SafeMoon contract? And, given that SafeMoon can access its Liquidity Pool in four years from now, is MoonToken a safer contract? 

1:24:00 - Bernard's Closing Remarks

1:26:00 - Thank you Everyone for Joining and see you next week at our September 12th AMA!


Future classes will include topics such as: Understanding De-Fi, Yield Farming, Liquidity Pools, GameFi, Blockchain Security...and so much more!

Looking forward to our AMA next week!

Wish everyone a wonderful day!

Together Moon,

Team MoonToken