Hey MoonToken Fam!
We did it! 

MoonToken Swap is now available on our website! Go to:

What does this mean? It means that it is Waaaaaaay easier to buy MoonToken now.  It increases the ease of acquiring MoonToken :)

Here are the steps: How to Buy MoonToken on MoonToken Swap

1) Search MoonToken Swap in DApps

Click on the 'DApps' button on the bottom of the Trust Wallet Homescreen and enter ‘’

2) Go select the Smart Binance Chain (at the top right corner)

3) Connect your wallet

Click on 'Unlock Wallet' and select Trust Wallet from the list.

4) Select MoonToken currency

Click on the 'Select a currency' button and search for MoonToken'.
Copy and paste the MoonToken address into the 'Add Custom Token' box.

5) Set Slippage

Click on the settings icon and set the slippage to 11-12%.

6) Happy Trading!

Set the amount you would like to buy or sell, and click 'Confirm'.
Note: add “.000” to the MoonToken amount that you wish to purpose.
E.g. if you wish to purchase 1,230,000 MoonToken. Then, type in 1,230,000.000.
A huge thank you to Esko and our web team, and for Ray for making these videos!

We are winning! :)
To infinity and beyond,
Team MoonToken