MoonToken Weekly Update September 3rd 2021 to September 10th 2021

Hey MoonToken Fam!

This video covers: 1. Our SHILL ARMY!!!! (woot woot. Join us!!:)) - We won THE BEST COMMUNITY POLL from the twitter influencer - Sheriff Crypto !!!!! Twitter Username @dasheriffcrypto Woohoo!!! We love Sheriff Crypto and guess what - Sheriff Crypto joined our Telegram main chat. Yayyy! Gosh so exciting!!! Please follow Sheriff Crypto and show Sheriff some MoonToken loveeee! 2. Recap of Ideas Jam 3. Upcoming AMA on September 12th 2021 4. Upcoming: MoonToken Live Academy Series: Walkthrough of Smart Contracts 5. Community Wallet + Merch Store - Call for Donations We're all in this together 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 Team MoonToken