MoonToken AMA - September 12th 2021

Hey MoonToken Fam!

Here is a recording of our September AMA - held on September 12th 2021. On this AMA: Stacy, Bernard, Emmanuel, and Esko shared updates and their vision of MoonToken. Here are the chapters: 00:00-05:50: Countdown to AMA 05:50 - Hellos and Welcomes! 06:50 - Update from Esko, Software Developer 08:15 - Update from Emmanuel, Head of Marketing 09:15 - Our Shill Army 12:48 - Gizmo pops in (Stacy's pug!) briefly 15:00 - Bernard's sharing on EdTech 20:00 - Bernard's sharing about MoonToken EdTech Vision 23:30 - Providing some context to why EdTech - Stacy and Bernard's Background 26:00 - MoonToken Education Initiatives - MoonToken Academy 29:30 - Our First Utility! - MoonToken to be used on Follow Funding Platform 31:00 - MoonToken direction towards Education Initiatives in Developing Countries 51:00 - Emmanuel's experience on mining Dogecoin and Perspective about MoonToken's Price 1:00:00 - Roadmap Release and The Power of Community 1:03:00 - Lil Moon Mascot Competition! + NFT Collection 1:04:00 - Answering Questions on Youtube Live 1:07:00 - Closing Comments 1:11:00 - MoonToken is all about harnessing the Power of Community for Good + Shoutout to Luis and Ray for our Telegram Stickers! We hope you enjoyed this AMA! And we look forward to interacting with you on our socials! :) If you have any questions please comment below! We will answer them! :) We're in this together! Team MoonToken