MoonToken is a community owned and governed Social Token.

Because there were no provisions made in MoonToken’s Smart Contract for general working capital, development or marketing funds. All funds needed for day-to-day operations, development and marketing need to come from our community, through donations and/or the sale of MoonToken merchandise.

MoonToken relies on the support of the community for its future success. On behalf of the management team and our MoonToken family, we would like to thank you in advance for your donation or the purchase of MoonToken merchandise. Thank you.

MoonToken Gnosis Safes in Detail:

1. MoonToken BNB Community Wallet - Marketing Fund
Our address is: 0x5213b880E1f4Bed676B602811fE4529d046539fd
BSC Scan:

2. MoonToken BNB Community Wallet - Development Fund

Our address is: 0x3ceE15a35aA23b7570A7Ab90f762D7892EC39505
BSC Scan:

3. MoonToken BNB Community Wallet - Admin Fund
Our address is: 0x33b77301af4018D7d9BdCF5CD009cacAd91420f9
BSC Scan: