We are just getting started...

Our Beginning…

MoonToken was created and launched in the Spring of 2021. Per the words of the Token-developer (as mentioned in our Smart Chain Contract), “#LIQ+#RFI+#SAFEMOON, combine together to #MOONTOKEN” by taking the best parts of Safemoon, MoonToken was born.

MoonToken is an autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol that directly rewards holders, while continuously increasing liquidity.

MoonToken rewards the investor just for holding; the longer you hold, the GREATER THE REWARDS!

Our Vision…

Our Vision is to truly embrace our “Community Owned” and “Governed” Token. The Token-Developer created the project for the Community. On April 4th 2021, the Token-Developer turned ownership of MoonToken over to the Community by locking himself out of the project after the creation of the MoonToken Smart Chain Contract.

Following in the footsteps of the Token-Developer, MoonToken’s management team wants to create a business structure in which the Community truly Governs the future and the success of MoonToken.

Our Vision is to have a robust, involved MoonToken Community that not only buys and holds MoonToken, but also suggests, discusses and votes on all future MoonToken Projects. Once a project is approved and funded by the Community, the Management Team will be responsible for implementing the project within budget.

There is no MoonToken without its dedicated and passionate community of builders, investors and supporters. By truly embracing the ethos of Community Owned and Governed Token, our vision aligns us all to rely on the Experience, Knowledge, Skills and Talents of a Worldwide Community that has one interest at heart... the SUCCESS of MOONTOKEN.

“For the Community, By the Community''

Together, WE MOON.