Management Team Priority To-Do Lists

Hey Moon Fam!

Hope this post finds you well! Here is an update on our immediate targets to complete:

Currently the MoonToken management team is:

Creating and implementing a Business and Accounting infrastructure (In Progress)


  • a. This will allow MoonToken’s Management team to implement legal and ethical business standards, allowing them to conduct day-to-day business, implementing and completing projects approved by the Community.
  • b. This will secure all MoonToken Assets.
  • c. This will protect the MoonToken Community.
  • d. This will protect individuals working on behalf of the MoonToken Community.


Company Set-Up Costs: 4,850HKD (approximately 624.34 USD, 451.30 GBP, 527.13 EUR)

Here is the Company Set Up package we went for:

  • 1. Prepare documents for Business Registration
  • 2. Prepare documents for Certificate of Incorporation
  • 3. Premium Green Box including
  • - Share certificate book
  • - Memorandum and Article of Association x 10
  • - Metal Company Seal x 1
  • - Signature Pre-inked Stamps x1
  • - Round Pre-inked Stamps x 1
  • 4. First Year Company Secretarial Service (valued at HK$ 800)
  • 5. Significant Controllers Register (SCR)
  • 6. One Year Virtual Office Service + 6months free of charge
  • 7. First Year Dynamic Electric Display Service
  • 8. Government Fee HK$1970

Creating and Implementing a Website Forum (In Progress)

-This will allow the MoonToken Community to suggest, share, discuss and choose future MoonToken projects.

-Creating and implementing an Online Store to sell MoonToken merchandise (In Progress)

-This will allow the Community to support MoonToken through the purchasing or merch.

-This will allow MoonToken to raise funds for project financing and general working capital.

Creating a Secure Multi-Signatory Community Wallet (In Progress)

This will provide Community confidence and security for all MoonToken Donations.

The two Multi-signatory wallets we are considering are:

Gnosis Wallet

OKex Advanced Security Wallet

If you know of other Multi-signatory wallets that you’d like us to check out please send us an email at:

We will continually keep you posted on the progress of the above tasks.

Serving you,